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As an independent distributor, Besa Besatechnologies(formerly Atlas Electronic Systems) constantly seeks to strengthen its position in a challenging and intensely competitive industry. We have made our mark, excelling in areas that prove our value to partners worldwide. For more than a decade, sheer hard work, excellent research and prudent investment have transformed BESA Besatechnologies into a respected stocking distributor.

Our young medium-sized company has achieved aggressive sales growth, expansion to multiple locations in Canada and the U.S. Although the vision of stocking we share with our industry partners in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere has carried certain risks—due mainly to market fluctuations in pricing and delivery times—rapid growth has demonstrated our vision works well, without annoying the competition.

It takes both courage and wisdom to challenge the dominance of big multinationals in any market. The merging of large conglomerates often leaves smaller customers with fewer choices and even less attention. We have noticed a deficit of attention towards smaller OEMs and assembly houses, who find it difficult to be creative and competitive at the same time while they are politely driven towards designated call centers. Although government grants allow some to stay afloat without having to leave for another neighbourhood in the global market, this hardly meets a critical need to gain access to global pricing materials and play at a higher level.

Our model is no secret to anybody. We have earned our industry reputation for quality and trust through bold strategic decisions and by investing in growth and the retention of our colleagues. By making aggressive decisions in good and bad economic environments alike, we fight hard to improve the technology and process infrastructure always in anticipation of "the next stage."

In 2009, we took advantage of slower market conditions to make significant changes in technology infrastructure that helped us achieve operational excellence. With the implementation of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system, our entire team took part in identifying the requirements and designing a more efficient functional process.

This was an important milestone in our company’s quest to achieve full cross-functional integration and greater transparency in business intelligence. SAP showcases the BESA Besatechnologiesimplementation experience as a model of success.

BESA Technologies’ goal is to bring global pricing home. Our team carries out business in seventeen languages; therefore, we are able to procure components from big distribution companies in any part of the world. While multinational franchises require weeks to effect internal stock transfers within a single structure, it takes us only days to move stock from overseas warehouses to our customers at a better price.

Our swift market growth, footprint expansion, and faithful investment in our culture and process excellence would not have been possible without strong fiscal responsibility, a key measure of success. From the beginning, we were convinced that the strength and flexibility of the company hinged on debt-free fiscal responsibility.

In sum, as a debt-free company, BESA Besatechnologieschooses prudent growth while taking advantage of opportunities during economic downturns. We make foundational investments in our people, culture, technology infrastructure, process excellence and the capacity to offer utmost care to all our customers and partners