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Besa is best described as an "unstructured structure," where employees are empowered to make and contribute to all decisions. By playing a role in sales, G&A and operations, the governance team contributes to the organization’s flat entrepreneurial structure. We are always there to back each other up, to step into the breach and provide support. We recognize the need to collaborate with each other and our clients, to play on the same team, move in the same direction and speak the same language.


We do not measure success based solely on revenue numbers or market growth, which we consider the by-products of a tightly integrated, highly collaborative and inclusive culture. Rather, we measure how well we integrate people, new offices, in still collaborative mechanisms, ensure the free exchange of information and encourage commitment to innovation.

Fair Play

Sometimes the game can get tough, and we might have to make a hard call, but we do this with respect and good sportsmanship. We are not litigious and our focus is on excellent communication and effective process and systems to ensure a long term relation and friendship with clients and suppliers. Our word is our bond and it can be relied upon.

Continuing Education

Learning and growing is essential to give the team confidence in their abilities. At BESA we invest in continual education through both the formal education system and our own school of experience, harnessing an enormous wealth of knowledge through our sophisticated I.T. management systems.


Match day is not a rehearsal. We must be fit to play and ready for the action so we can anticipate the next moves on the field. We must be prepared. It’s the same at Besatechnologies (BESA): our extensive and intensive worldwide sourcing, having the foresight to see the future market fluctuations and to have in place the right quality system and process, prepared us to respond properly to our clients’ demands.


Our strong conviction for debt-free financial responsibility stands on all these principles.