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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) POLICY


It is a strict requirement for Customer to notify Besatechnologies within 10-days after delivery to commence an RMA request.

Customer must complete and return by email the RMA Request Form, which is attached hereto. Upon receipt of the RMA Request Form, Besatechnologies will review for completeness and correctness. All RMAs MUST be accompanied by the following:

  • RMA Request Form duly completed.
  • Detailed failure analysis report or test report.
  • Photographs of original packaging and merchandise.


Both sections of the RMA Request Form, Customer details and Product Information must be completed.


  • RMA Approval
    • Product returns will only be accepted when a duly completed RMA Request Form and supporting documents has been approved in writing by Besatechnologies.
  • Packaging
    • All boxes must have the RMA number visible on the outside of the box and must have a copy of the RMA approval form.
    • All products must be properly packaged. ESD and Moisture sensitive products must be packed in accordance with Customer or manufacturers ESD packaging procedure (anti-static packaging).
  • Shipping
    • Customer is responsible for all shipping charges and fees.
    • Ensure that your shipment reaches Besatechnologies prior to the 10-days RMA expiration date.
  • Labels
    • Labels on products are only allowed if they do not have any contact with surface mounted components or PCB.
    • All boxes must be free from foreign labels and markings.
  • Testing
    • Besatechnologies reserves the right to re-test the products.
  • Modification(s)
    • Besatechnologies does not accept any product that has been modified or altered in any way whatsoever; nor will Besatechnologies accept any product which at Besatechnologies’ sole discretion was misused, improperly stored or mishandled or the Customer or did not follow ESD handling and storage procedure for ESD sensitive products


Upon receipt by Besatechnologies, Besatechnologies will review RMA Request Form and ensure compliance with the above mandatory requirements. Product(s) which have been returned will be subject to a return inspection. In the event that any product(s) is returned by Customer under false pretense or in nonconformity with the present RMA Policy, Besatechnologies will return all product(s) not eligible for return to Customer freight collect or hold product(s) for Customer’s account at Customer’s expense.

For any further assistance please contact us: returns@besatechnologies.com